How to meet people if you move to Düsseldorf?

By | February 10, 2022

You’ve recently relocated to Düsseldorf, and while the city offers a plethora of activities, you may be struggling to establish friends with both the locals and internationals. Düsseldorf is a great city to visit if you have a good friend to go out with, meet new people, and get to know other ex-pats, but if you don’t, you won’t be able to enjoy it to its fullest potential. Check out the best dating apps where you can hook up with new friends. They come to socialize with others, make new friends, and have a wonderful time. Even though English is the community’s official language, many Germans show up to brush up on their communication skills in the language. As a result, don’t be surprised if you hear about something truly global happening all around you. Visit edreams to see how you can easily mingle with new friends.

In Düsseldorf, there are great ways to meet other expats:

  • International parties

For a really international party in Düsseldorf, The View – Skylounge in the Mediahafen with its breathtaking views of the city should be your location of choice. Another popular hotspot is the Nachtresidenz on Bahnstraße, which always attracts a large audience. While Rudas Studios is the best spot to go if you’re seeking a real night disco experience, Café Bar Zogel in Pempelfort or Dr. Thompson’s — a converted soap factory located in Flingern – are good options for those searching for a more lounge-type bar with some twist.


It doesn’t matter the kind of language you speak at the Sprachenstammtische Düsseldorf! Everybody comes together, and relationships are formed by mingling languages and making acquaintances from all over the globe. It might be difficult at first, but you’ll soon discover how much fun it is to engage with others!

  • Networking after work

Düsseldorf’s image as a premium destination for international networking meetings is well-founded. Hotel Nikko, Radisson Blu Harbour in the Mediahafen, and the most expensive Steigenberger Parkhotel are just a few places you may get together in Düsseldorf. In addition to the more traditional Irish Pubs at the old town and the Stadttor, where guests may enjoy fantastic city views, networking can occur in more down-to-earth establishments such as the Limoncello.

  • The British business club in Dusseldorf

The BBCD isn’t just all about business. It’s a social networking group for internationals throughout Düsseldorf (not just for British expats). Every month, they organize a slew of activities across the city, such as dinners and networking events.

  • Sports teams and meetups

Even if there are a slew of other options, such as visiting restaurants, art galleries, and city events, I believe that joining a sports team is the most effective way to bring people together. On weekends, badminton is held at Vogelsanger Weg Badminton Center, where hiking and cycling are held in different locations and for various distances. Squash and tennis are also popular weekend activities at Cosmo Sports, where you can often find a professional coach leading a training session!

  • Scheduled conferences

In order to meet other expats in Dusseldorf, there are several scheduled events and meetups that are expressly aimed toward expatriates. Our welcoming events, sports socials, and dinner parties are all open to new members. If you’re looking for a specific meetup on Facebook, there are plenty of others to choose from.

  • Coffee, cakes, and brunch parties

Whether relaxed late brunches or German traditions, coffee, and cake meetings are becoming increasingly popular in new cafés springing up all over the city, Oberkassel, on the other hand, maybe one of the best places to visit. From the hip gluten-free Café Isabella Glutenfreie Pâtisserie to the swanky Die Röstmeister on the Belzenplatz corner, there is something for everyone here.

If you are moving to a new city or nation for the first time, it’s good to make some new acquaintances in the process. It might not always be very simple stepping out of your comfort zone and meet new acquaintances, but there are a lot of English-speaking groups and expat gatherings around the city of Düsseldorf that will help you meet a few people without feeling like a novice or the odd one out. The city of Duesseldorf is regarded as one of Germany’s best places to live in. Many people opt to relocate to the city’s family homes, upscale townhouses, and flats because of its convenient location, beautiful architecture, and inexpensive property costs.