Why a Dual Zone Wine Fridge Is Popular

By | August 25, 2022

Every oenophile worth their wine knows wine fridges are essential for storing and serving wine, and places like Winecoolershop.co.uk report increasing customer numbers. Dual temperature zone wine fridges are the latest viral trend. Online wine fridge related searches like ‘wine fridge dual zone and ‘red wine in a fridge’ prove the growing popularity of wine-loving refrigeration. What makes a dual zone fridge popular? How do you use it?

Benefits of a Dual Zone Wine Fridge

Wine must be stored in a controlled environment to age beautifully and not spoil. The way to achieve this involves controlling the temperature, and humidity, avoiding vibration and excessive light. Wine must also be served at different temperatures to allow the full complexity and flavour to shine through. A dual-zone wine fridge can offer both functions in one gorgeous appliance. One zone can be dedicated to storage and the other to keep your wine at prime serving temperature. Another option is to use your dual zone wine fridge to keep two types of wines at serving temperature, which works well when entertaining. The way you choose to use it will depend on your lifestyle. And, of course, knowing the best temperatures for wine.

Red Wine In a Dual Zone Fridge   

Using one fridge zone for storage raises questions about red wine. Yes, red wine does need to be in a controlled temperature environment for proper storage. Temperature fluctuations play havoc with wine and will ultimately ruin the bottle. The ideal is a constant 13°C, which will safely maintain your wine’s integrity for years. Red wine ages and evolves, and careful preservation is key to enjoying the winemaker’s intended full-flavoured version. Using one zone in your dual zone wine fridge for your red wine storage effectively gets the most from your wine.

White Wine in a Dual Zone Fridge  

White wines are served with the proper chill to bring out the crispness and complex flavours. As a general guide, champagnes and sparkling wines are served coldest, then light white wines, with full-bodied whites last. Rosés would follow these. If you are dedicating one zone in your dual zone wine fridge to white wines, then it would be easiest to keep it to one type, for example, all light white wines. Although the temperature differences are not much, it is enough to distinguish between a fantastic taste. Happily, each little ‘range’ comprises a few wines, so you will never be bored.

Dual Wine Zone Fridges are the Next Global Megastar

Out of all wine fridges sold, it is the dual-zone fridge selling fastest. Statistics show that this will continue, with dual-zone fridges becoming the best selling wine fridge for the predicted future. Between Covid 19 and people becoming more aware of what they consume, wine has gotten the attention it deserves. Millennials have been impacting the types of wines sold, and vintners respond with more comprehensive ranges of lighter wines. Having a dual-zone wine fridge means that savvy investors can store some fine wines for future profits, while the entertainers can have the seamless hosting options they want. It’s easy to see why dual zone wine fridges are so popular – they offer the best combinations for any wine enthusiast. Get yours before their rising popularity makes them a pricier commodity. Prost!