Are Men’s Hats Making a Comeback Trend?

By | May 17, 2021

When it comes to improving an outfit, making a statement, or showcasing your confidence to the world, there’s no accessory as useful, unique, or bold as the hat. From old detective movies to modern casual dress, men’s hats have evolved and changed with time, but always remained a staple of the masculine wardrobe.

In recent times, some men’s hat styles are making a comeback. In case you are yet to notice this trend, this post from US-Reviews will bring it to the limelight for you.


Love it or hate it, the Fedora has stood the test of time. Going from the hat of choice for gangsters in the 1920s and 1950s to a hipster staple item in the 2000s, Fedoras is one of the most polarising men’s accessories. Today the felt firm-brimmed hat is once again on-trend and a fantastic wardrobe addition. Although fedoras come in various sizes and colors, we’d suggest sticking to those with more neutral tones and medium widths. If you plan to purchase a Fedora cap, it’s best to read reviews about shops about 60s fashion accessories before buying from them.


The trilby may have a lot in common with the fedora and is often mistaken for the same style, but the trilby is more about fashion than function, hence its popularity among boy band performers in the early 2000s. The trilby was historically known as the hat worn by rich men and was often seen at horse races and other luxury events. If you do wear yours to the races, bring your sunglasses. Trilbies are lightweight and comfortable in warm months, but are traditionally worn back on the head and won’t provide much protection against the elements.

Panama Hat

A Panama hat is perfect when paired with a beach backdrop and a white linen shirt. This traditional brimmed straw hat hails from Ecuador and will have you looking as hot as a Miami summer. Made from plaited leaves, the Panama hat has become a must-have accessory for seaside and tropical destinations. Panamas are made for sunshine and blue skies, so don’t try to rock this hat in winter. They are light in color and weight, breathable, easy to wear, and faultlessly fit with a laid-back beach style.

Bowler Hat

Take your look to the next level with a vintage-inspired bowler hat. Also known as the derby hat, the bowler dates back to 19th-century England and the London hatmakers Thomas and William Bowler. While it was historically worn by both middle and upper classes and as both semi-formal and informal attire accessories, bowler hats tend to add an upscale aesthetic to an outfit. Consider pairing yours with a classic waistcoat or other timeless pieces.

Snapback Hats

The ’90s style baseball cap burst onto the fashion scene after the New York snapback became increasingly popular with Yankees fans. Nowadays, snapbacks have cornered the market being worn by cap connoisseurs, ballers, fashionistas, and cool kids all over the world. The name comes from the hat’s adjustable fastener at the back. Like its vintage cousin, the dad hat, it is also one-size-fits-all, providing a relaxed, oversized fit. However, the snapback is more rigid in its design, making it more structured. Snapbacks add an effortless yet instantly cool vibe to any outfit.

Dad Hats

Along with chunky white trainers, fanny packs, and whitewash denim, dad hats have made a comeback as accessories that are considered truly fashionable. They’re comfortable and breathable, thanks to the traditionally cotton fabric, which makes them a great option for casual outings and summer events. If you’re looking to add a little vintage to your look, the dad hat is the way to go.