Top 5 Tips How to Dress for a Civil Wedding

By | July 27, 2021

Is your friend’s wedding fast approaching? Are you starting to worry more and more that you still don’t know what to wear? You took a quick look in the dressing room, but it seems to you that no dress rises to the height of the event?

Indeed, it is an elegant event and, especially, one of the most important days in your girlfriend’s life. From a clothing point of view, however, the demands are not as high as in the case of a wedding or a gala, for example. On the other hand, casual outfits are excluded from the start. So what is the key to the success of a perfect outfit for a civil wedding, according to BritainReviews? The balance.

That being said, we come to your aid with 5 tips that will help you get a proper outfit for the event you are attending.

1. Pay attention to the length of the dress

As you have already learned, the civil wedding is not a sophisticated event, which requires wearing long dresses, more suitable for evening events. Thus, our recommendation is to opt for either a short dress or a midi dress. Also, don’t forget that being a formal, daytime event, decency and discretion are essential. Therefore, avoid necklines that are too deep, outfits that are too sexy, and, of course, dresses that are too short. This can give you an advantage over love dating websites’ online reviews.

2. If you feel the need, replace the dress with a suit or overalls

Daytime events generally allow for more flexibility in clothing choices: if it is essential to wear a dress at a gala, this is not mandatory in the case of a civil wedding. So, if you’ve been wearing dresses to all the formal events you’ve been invited to lately, and now you feel the need for a change, the good news is that you can replace your cocktail dress with an elegant long jumpsuit or, why not, a suit. Men’s inspiration, consisting of jackets and pants.

3. Opt for light colors

Burgundy, purple plum, black – these are some of the spectacular color options that make them generally eye-catching for ladies and young ladies, but which, we must admit, are rather associated with evening events. The most suitable palette for a civil wedding includes warm, light, pastel colors, especially if the event takes place in the warm season. So, our recommendation is to go for shades of blue, pink, and lilac. In terms of accessories and footwear – well, bright colors, with which you create contrast, are welcome this time. For example, if you choose to wear a nude midi dress, you can highlight it with a pair of red stiletto shoes or with a slightly bold envelope.

The golden rule you should never forget? At such events, avoid white.

4. Makeup and style yourself as naturally as possible

You may like smokey eye makeup and love to try bold and playful combinations in general, but they are not at all suitable for a civil wedding, no matter how well you know how to put on make-up yourself or how skilled you are as an artist. Instead, with discreet make-up, in neutral shades, you can’t fail. And if you feel the need for a splash of color, remember what I told you at the beginning: balance is the key! Thus, in addition to eyeshadow in a discreet shade and in addition to natural blush, red lipstick is more than enough.

Here are the three essential qualities that the impeccable outfit for a civil wedding fulfills.

  • Elegance
  • Simplicity
  • Decency

5. The rule for the Godmother

For women who play the role of godmother, sophisticated outfits are suitable, which denote maturity, because they are responsible for the protection and guidance of young married people.

You can enhance your femininity through pleasant, pastel colors, such as lilac, blue or pale green. But intense ones are not to be avoided, such as bright red or navy blue. If you have a conservative approach to clothing, you can go for a combination of a shirt and a knee-length skirt or a dress with a collar and cuffs. To create a romantic but stylish look, a party-length, long-sleeved dress will lengthen your figure and make you look taller.